Lowongan Di PT Greenfields Indonesia Malang Bagian AUTOMATION MANAGER Terbaru

PT Greenfields Indonesia Malang membuka lowongan kerja dengan posisi AUTOMATION MANAGER bagi kalian yang berminat atau mencari lowongan kerja di PT Greenfields Indonesia ataupun mencari pekerjaan di Malang dengan jabatan AUTOMATION MANAGER silakan kalian simak persyaratan dan bih detailnya di bawah ini

Kualifikasi Lowongan AUTOMATION MANAGER di PT Greenfields Indonesia

Modify and develop OT network control systems (Operational Technology related to PLC, HMI SCADA) & IIOT platform systems related to digitization 4.0 Monitoring, and improve maintenance system and repair of engineering control panels according to schedule Analys work/project progress reports that have been determined regarding the results of activities in a timely and accurate manner Actively carry out a continuous improvement culture related to electrical, instrumentation and control systems Able to develop & implement clear business processes to accommodate innovation projects or productivity and quality relate to automation Qualifications : Minimum education S1 Electricity/Automation Experience in the same field at least 5 (five) years. Mastering English (active & passive) Familiar with operational of PLC, HMI, IIOT, SCADA

Detail Perusahaan PT Greenfields Indonesia

Tingkat Pekerjaan Manajer/Asisten Manajer Kualifikasi Tidak terspesifikasi Pengalaman Kerja 5 tahun Jenis Pekerjaan Penuh Waktu Spesialisasi Pekerjaan Teknik, Teknik Elektro

Profil PT Greenfields Indonesia

PT. Greenfields was established by a group of Australian and Indonesian entrepreneurs with strong agribusiness expertise and experience. The Company commenced the development of a dairy farm at Desa Babadan, Gunung Kawi, Malang, East Java, an ideal environment for the special dairy cows imported from Australia. In April 1999, the Company began the construction of a milk processing facility that became operational in June 2000. Milk produced by the farm is of the highest quality and meets the world toughest microbiological standards. PT Greenfields Indonesia produces range of Fresh Dairy product from Pasteurised Milk, UHT, fresh cheese and other fresh Dairy product in near future. Today, Greenfields farm has a cattle population of over 6,000 head of Holstein cows producing 30 millions litres of fresh milk per year. Besides supplying the domestic market, over 50% of its finished products are sold in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines and other countries in the region.

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